Daily Archives: 10 June 2024

Summer 2024 Update

Local Planning Matters

The approval of planning permission for 38 homes on Land north of Forest Drive, EPF/0292/21, continues to mystify. At the time of writing, the EFDC website still shows this application’s status as ‘Under Consultation’. Bearing in mind the application was approved at Plans East Committee on 17 January 2024, we wonder what negotiations are going on behind the scenes before the decision is actually published? A decision taken at District Council cannot be reversed, so what is happening? Certainly, the representative of the developers, Andersons, who approached our Parish Council Chairman after the District meeting saying that he would review the scheme with a view to adding more parking, making the flats accessible and then speak again to the Parish Council, has not done so. No surprise really since these developers didn’t see fit to consult with the public prior to putting plans forward for this carbuncle of a development. TBAG call on our Parish Council to take a stand against the approval of this scheme and its complete disregard for several Local and County policies and make a formal complaint to EFDC and the Local Government Ombudsman. TBAG have now written to the Planning Inspectorate seeking clarification on the legitimacy of a Local Authority’s ability to ignore its own policies.

Balti House Proposed Development. A public meeting was held on 15 May to listen to a presentation by the architect of this proposed development on the site currently occupied by the Balti House. It was well attended by residents and our Parish and District Councillors, but the overriding reaction was a negative one. Five TBAG Committee members attended, and the Chair and Vice Chair spoke strongly against this inappropriate proposal having examined the proposal document in advance. Not one person from the floor spoke in favour of the proposal which utilises 10 of the 12 dwelling allowance which has been allocated to the THYB.R2 development site – the car park and the now sold-off Balti House site – which was agreed and adopted in the Local Plan in 2023. The proposed building, which has the appearance of a modern office block, towers above existing dwellings at four stories plus solar panels and sports an exceptional amount of glass. The Balti restaurant is rumoured to return to the site on the ground and basement levels, and an additional coffee stand is included. Eight offices are proposed for the first floor with a capacity for about 39 persons. If approved, it will be the first offices to be purpose built in Theydon Bois.

EPF/1195/23 Coppice Row Farm. Proposed detached dwelling. Still under consultation.

Blunts Farm: EPF/2728/22 Erection of new storage buildings etc. Refused permission. EPF/0830/23 and EPF/0831/23 two alleged flats deemed as unlawful. EPF/1671/22 Ivy House, previously Blunt’s Farmhouse, swimming pool and extension. The appeal was dismissed, and the Planning Inspector cited TBAG and our area calculations in his Appeal Decision. EPF/0931/24 – Land near Abridge Rd (rear of Monks Hall), Proposed Padel/Tennis courts & Ancillary clubhouse building under consultation.

EPF/2461/22 Mossford Green Nursery, Abridge Road. Six proposed new dwellings. The Planning Inspector dismissed the appeal.

Application for a Temporary Event Notice to hold an outdoor, two-day bank holiday music event for over 18’s on the field at the Former Old Foresters site. The event, for up to 499 people, was submitted to EFDC and subsequently withdrawn by the organiser following objections from EFDC’s Environmental Enforcement Officer.

TBAG would like to welcome with our warmest best wishes our recently elected District Councillors. We feel that these Councillors will focus their efforts on representing residents and the best interests of Theydon Bois village.