Winter 2023 Update

Local Planning Matters

EPF/0292/21 Land at Forest Drive: Still ‘under consultation’. We note that Essex County Council Highways have submitted a letter which states “Further to the above, and in consultation with the NEPP, it is considered necessary to secure double yellow lines along the northern section of Forest Drive to prevent the development from being blocked, as the existing single yellows will not be sufficient for this purpose.” The impact of this will be that local people who currently park there will be restricted from doing so and could well result in an intensification of parking in Forest Drive and Dukes Avenue to the detriment of existing residents. TBAG still have concerns about the ‘private estate’ nature of the proposal following ECC’s confirmation that the roadway on the site will not be adopted by ECC Highways as a public highway.
EPF/1195/23 Coppice Row Farm, Coppice Row. Proposed detached dwelling. A new application for a four bedroom dwellinghouse with an attached, three bedroom annex. TBAG have made a strong objection to this application located on part of Coppice Farm which is virgin Green Belt and agricultural farmland.
EPF/2728/22 Blunts Farm, Erection of new storage buildings etc: Still ‘under consultation’ and we note no new documents have been added since last August.
EPF/0830/23 and EPF/0831/23 Blunts Farm, two alleged flats: Still ‘under consultation’, with no new documents since August 2023.
EPF/1671/22 New outdoor pool and single storey extension to existing house. This application was again refused and the applicant has appealed to the Planning Inspector. As a ‘householder application’ it is not possible for TBAG to submit further comments to the Planning Inspector.
EPF/2461/22 Mossford Green Nursery, Abridge Road. Demolition of buildings and five new and one replacement dwellings. After refusal by EFDC, the applicant has appealed to the Planning Inspector and TBAG have made further representations to the Planning Inspector against this Green Belt development.
EPF/2518/23 Land at Magnolia House, Abridge Road. Installation of a private Padel Court on virgin Green Belt agricultural land. TBAG has submitted a robust objection.

National Planning Legislation

TBAG are concerned about the Government’s expression of intent to further deregulate the planning regime to enable more permissions for housing development to be granted more speedily. We consider that the problem lies with developers who wish to build slowly in order to drip feed completed development onto the market to keep house prices high and so maximise their profit. This is evidenced by the Local Government Association which has already stated that there are 1.3 million extant planning permissions which have been granted but have not yet been built out. In reality, this amounts to land banking yet developers still want to develop green field and Green Belt sites.

Whenever possible, TBAG responds to Government consultations on planning as we believe influencing national legislation is critical to building a planning system fit for people, the Green Belt, ecology and the climate.

The Government’s new Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill was given Royal Assent on 26 October 2023 and is now the Levelling-up and Regeneration Act 2023. Ostensibly this Bill is about the government’s aims to level up the country, but more than anything it is about planning. We also expect changes to be made to the National Planning Policy Framework once the Government has completed its consultation.

TBAG would like to extend our very warmest wishes for Christmas and the new year to all Theydon Bois residents and especially to our hardworking Committee and loyal supporters. The Committee are very grateful for all the kind expressions of thanks and encouragement which have been emailed to us throughout the year. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to one and all.